1. After an exhaustive search online, finally finding the crucial file I need to download, accompanied by the alert “downloading this document may harm your computer.”

2. Looking up and realizing I just spent six and a half hours looking for the perfect image to go with my blog post.

3. Discovering that the contact form on my website had been diverting all my sales leads to an alternate email address that I never, ever check.

4. Totally spacing out on that one password I need to unlock all my other passwords.

5. Realizing to my horror that my attempt at sarcastic humor in the email I just sent could be interpreted as hostility — and the little winking emoticon only made it worse.

6. Wasting time on Amazon.com looking for a small item to buy, so I can make the $25 minimum that qualifies my purchase for free shipping.

7. Deleting an unflattering vacation photo, and then noticing that I had actually selected the folder with all my personal photos since 2006.

8. After 40 minutes of trying to reach someone at tech support, the endless series of recorded voice prompts actually seemed kind of irritated with me for not giving up.

9. When clicking ‘Buy Now’ produced no response, I kept trying, and it was only after I paid that I saw I had just bought nine copies of some very expensive software.

10. Typing quickly and apparently inaccurately, and being quite surprised at what auto-correct thinks I meant to say.

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