eyes21-tiny-sentencesYour promotional copy tells buyers what’s clearly in their best interest. But these days, every sell is a tough sell, so they move along anyway. Now add one of the following brief sentences and you just might stop them in their tracks.

In fact, try reading the following examples of text without that last sentence, then read them again with those final engaging words. See the difference?

1. You can do this.

These four short words aren’t really about selling; they’re about empowering the prospect to reach beyond their own perceived limitations.

“Going back to college to complete your degree will open a world of possibilities. You can do this.”
“With our simple instruction book, building a backyard deck isn’t hard at all. You can do this.”

2. Are you sure?

Humans tend to believe that they pretty much have what they need. But when pressed, they don’t seem quite so certain.

“Is your body getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs? Are you sure?”
“Are you getting the very best price on office supplies? Are you sure?”

3. Think about it.

Similar to the last example, this brief suggestion can plant a seed of doubt—making people reconsider their resistance to your product.

“Your homeowners insurance won’t cover catastrophic floods in your neighborhood. Think about it.”
“A quality pre-school program statistically improves a child’s success later in life. Think about it.”

4. Check around for yourself.

When you’re confident enough to suggest that people do their own comparison legwork, you’re actually eliminating their need to do exactly that.

“There’s no data storage service as secure as our triple-backup system. Check around for yourself.”
“These 50,000 mile radial tires can’t be found at a lower price. Check around for yourself.”

5. Then you decide.

Humans don’t like to be told what to do; we like to make our own decisions about what’s in our own best interest. So align with that dynamic.

“Take a look at all the outstanding features of this accounting software package. Then you decide.”
“Carefully review the various styles of computer desks below. Then you decide.”

6. Don’t be left out.

People constantly resist promotional messages for all kinds of new things. But if they feel they’re missing out on something important, it becomes harder to ignore.

“Thousands of music lovers like you are getting tickets for this exciting event. Don’t be left out.”
“Experienced advisors have identified this fund as a lucrative long-term investment. Don’t be left out.”

7. Look closer.

We humans can be surprisingly sloppy in our thinking. We make quick judgements about things just so we don’t have to dig deeper into the true facts.

“Do you think that all wide-screen TVs offer the same picture quality? Look closer.”
“Most consumers think that all credit card reward programs are the same. Look closer.”

8. Reach out.

Animals in the wild hide their weaknesses for fear of being the first one eaten. Similarly, humans often hide, and live with, their problems—unless carefully prompted.

“Migraine headaches can make daily life miserable, but effective cures are available. Reach out.”
“Our counseling programs offer new hope for couples who are constantly fighting. Reach out.”

9. You deserve it.

We all put up with a lot just to get through our busy lives, and perhaps there’s a small part of us that resents it. But the idea of being rewarded just might restore our sense of balance.

“Escape the stresses of life a few of times a week to enjoy a relaxing yoga class. You deserve it.”
“After a hard day at work, ride home in one of these brand new performance sedans. You deserve it.”

10. Stop wasting money.

There’s nothing that infuriates humans more than the idea of hard-earned dollars being thrown away. Yet that happens, every day, in all kinds of ways.

“This fuel-efficient heating system will keep you warm while using less electricity. Stop wasting money.”
“Thrifty families are switching to our bank’s checking accounts with no monthly fees. Stop wasting money.”

Now that you have the idea, review your website or other marketing, and see where you can add a short sentence that just might go a long way.

Also, notice that none of these little add-ons are focused on the item being sold. Each one either includes or implies the word ‘you.’ When marketing is just as much about the prospect as it is about the product, a tough sell to self-centered humans becomes easier.

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