5 Ways to Connect With Buyers

One: Use Words to Paint a Picture

Help folks imagine themselves using your product or service. How will it make life easier or better? Will other people envy their smart decision? The more they can picture it, the closer their hand gets to the BUY button.

Two: Forget Everything You Know About Your Company

Company insiders naturally carry an insider’s perspective and set of assumptions. However web visitors don’t share that knowledge, so website copywriting that seems to make sense to employees can often fall flat with buyers.

Three: Be a Genuine Resource For Decision Makers

Buyers don’t want to be ‘sold to.’ They’re looking for helpful info so they can make the right decisions. Offering objective tips and insights on your site shows you have their best interests at heart. And it displays your expertise in a genuine way.

Four: Discover the Power of the Subhead

People skimming your web page often read headlines, but not the text. That’s why good website copywriting includes secondary headlines as visual stepping stones, drawing people from your headline into your text. 

Five: Use Long Keywords, Not Short Ones

When choosing ‘keywords’ for search optimization, a single word like ‘slippers’ is simply too broad. But someone searching for ‘pink bunny slippers’ seems to know what they want, and is closer to making a purchase.

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Smart Website Copywriting Shows You’re More Than Just a List of Services.

Before writing a word, I’ll want to know what’s important to your company. I’ll also want to learn what’s important to your customers. Then, I’ll take all that valuable insight to create conversion-optimized marketing tools that draw new prospects step-by-step to the conclusion we want them to reach.

Let’s schedule that talk, if you’re ready to take things to the next level. –Tom

 Tom is a superior wordsmith as he develops our material with the customer in mind. This is especially valuable in this challenging economy. 

Roger Bonds, American Academy of Medical Management